Hello everyone!

Originally from Amiens, I have an English two-years University degree, which I have strengthened by completely immersing myself into the English-speaking culture for 3 years in London. Since 2007, I keep crossing the linguistics boundaries of the Web by investing myself into Translation and Training projects.

Since 2013, I've developed an important contact network thanks to the stimulating and concrete approach provided by the Event Communication in the Touristic branch. 

As a Trainer, I create a group dynamic by using the social media as motivating platforms. The interaction and the conviviality in the pages that I run with my friends, allow to reach significant results.

Gifted with a great understanding of languages, and expert in editorial and visual content establishment, I always adapt according to the needs of my prospects and clients. Attentive and efficient, my web marketing strategy evolves in a creative dimension, by working in autonomy as well as in team, in a coherent, practical, instructive and entertaining message. Funny as possible!

This innovating approach aims at making the apprentice pro-active in their learning at the same time as providing them pleasure to exchange, and produce a positive emotion. 

This idea was created from a voluntary Facebook page, L’Anglais Original, when I was an English trainer. This concept was extended to the Italian, Chinese and Spanish languages. 

I now offer French lessons (in English, eventually in Italian or German), a Proofreading and Correction service in French, I also work as a Business Provider in Translation, and as a Trainer in foreign languages. 

In partnership with several translators, we carry out website projects, brochures, subtitles, E-book, whatever you need.

There is the possibility of ordering a sworn translation, as well as lessons for all levels, whether meant for public or for professionals.

My goal is to encourage you to improve your skills in a language or enhance your brand image, to open up to international dialogue, to establish trust with the persons who talk to you, to multiply the privileged contacts, and finally bringing your "French Touch" to the Web world.

L'Originale promises to give you an efficient communication in foreign Languages.