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An apéritif in English... at the restaurant!


Come chatting on live as if you were on the other side of the world!

Everything started with the Apér’English, an Apéritif in English and French on Zoom, with the webcams on.
It is an International meeting where we speak a foreign language, whatever level is welcome! 
It exists since March 2020, during the first lockdown, to escape the isolation and keep touch with abroad, make good use of your knowledge and develop it.
It is a moment to release the tension, relax or congratulate yourself for a big day at work.
On 24th June 2021, the official opening of the event occurred at the restaurant O Jardin, in Amiens!
Ever since we have tested Le Pré Porus, Les Dés Raisonnables, La Manufacture, le Burger Craft and la Belbancale.
Meet new people, varying your conversation is rewarding, we learn and ponder more.
The best condition will be reunited in order to interact, exchange and get to know yourself better. Your conversations will not be centered on your missions or goals. You could discover the other participants' origins, their passions, their sports if they practice one. Due to speaking, your vocabulary will be reinforced, your public ease will be notice. Each Apér’English will approach a different topic.

The Apér'English... How does it work?

It will always be starting from 7.30 p.m on Thursday or Friday in different restaurants in Amiens or around it.


This apéritif in English is a friendly meeting between professionals from different branches. It's also open to foreigners to practise French.

Every level can come, and it is a friendly way to extend your network while developing new skills. A way to immerse yourself naturally in a conversation and to prepare for your future touristic or professional travel. Some people started with a basic level and speak now with more ease. You could be surprise of yourself... Trust yourself.

With us, it's relaxed. It allows to lift up the brake which prevents to express freely. It is a good way to take confidence, to learn how to introduce, to assimilate vocabulary, it's a good exercise to test your english and improve it a little bit. Or a lot for others! The participants are kind as for everyone's level. There is no judgement nor obligation of result. 

It would be a pleasure to welcome you!

We have tested those Restaurants

The Apéros during the lockdown in video

The Apér'English