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I am a translator from English to French, as well as proofreader in French. My rate depends on the difficulty of the text, the number of words and the delay asked. For any request, please contact me by specifying all those information.

I am also a business introducer: I am an intermediary establishing the link between 2 parties in order to lead to enter into a contract

The economical evolution makes companies externalise more some area in order to reduce the costs and the outlaysThe companies which are calling upon a business introducer have the advantage of gaining time and money. I am looking for clients inside my network, make them benefit of my address book and possess skills which enable to connect all the link of the chain of a channel. I am the interface between two parties which couldn't find each other without this service.

The French-speaking market remain an interesting market as source of market research (Belgium, Swiss, Canada, etc...) but developing a firm can now happen in the entire Europe and the whole world. Due to new means of communication, I fill out my address book and can densify my network to bring the most appropriate solution facing the international market.

By my knowledge of the market and the Translation, Training and Touristic field, I offer to companies new visions of economic development! I am a true added value, a partner who doesn't cost anything until I brought your something.

Introducing business consequently seems to be an easy and economical solution through a contract.

What are my fields of expertise?

  • The Translation...Of course!

I am a translator for companies, private individuals and translators. I only work with certified professionals as a freelancer. 

I study you website in order to put you in contact with the best translator according to your branch of work!


  • The Training in French or in a Foreign Language.

I teach French in English.

The teachers of Foreign languages who are surrounding me are experienced, native or certified.

They are from Amiens and from elsewhere. They work in presence, on the premises of your company or remotely.

It exists a strong attraction for English and Chinese, but nowadays, l'Originale is capable to answer any request.


  • Need to create your own website?

It's easy with my friend Dexter, my own Webmaster. We offer you a modern and practical restyling, a secure address and an assistance in case of upkeep.